Rebecca, Owner of S.C.U.L.P.T.

– Level 4 in Strength and Conditioning
– Level 3 in Personal Training and Gym Instructing


Get strong, build and develop muscular strength and appearance. Strengthen and maintain bone density. Increase functional strength, improve posture and core strength.


Strengthen your heart and lungs, get fit and stay healthy. Burn fat and stay lean. Improve your endurance and reduce the risk of heart disease.


Unique in its approach. Training that is specifically for you to ensure you reach your goals. Train in a way that works for your body, schedule, lifestyle and personality.


Make healthy choices and changes to ensure a lifelong commitment to a healthier lifestyle and a happier you.


One on one sessions tailored to you with a personal approach ensuring you achieve your goals and stay motivated, by keeping in touch in-between sessions and being available to answer any questions you may have.


Training your mind and body together to reach a healthier and happier you.

Let’s move well and feel good!

  • After 4 months with Rebecca, I can definitely say this is the fittest, strongest and most motivated I have felt in my entire life! Every month I’m seeing slow and steady changes and she’s completely changed my opinions on getting a trainer and meal prepping my weeks! She’s very supportive, knows her stuff and always wants her clients to improve! Over the moon with my results so far! Looking forward to more changes and more strength!

    Rabbï Ali
  • Training with Rebecca is one of the best things I have ever done! I have been training with her for 4 months now, and Rebecca has helped me achieved the level of fitness and wellness I would never expect. Working out with Rebecca has always been a pleasure. I really enjoyed the variety and challenge Rebecca puts into the sessions. It feels much easier to train with Rebecca than do exercises on my own. She is a very good instructor, she ensures my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. Besides, training with Rebecca is one big reason for me to keep consistency. There were times in cold weather that I wanted to give up, but all the hard work Rebecca had put in with me had kept me motivated! On top of that, Rebecca provided me with professional advice in terms of healthy eating. She does regular checks on what I have eaten for my meals and gives me suggestions on how to make slight alterations according to my eating habit. Rebecca is always very encouraging and she focuses on helping me achieve my goals. She makes every session challenging, fun and rewarding at the same time. But most importantly, her professionalism and passion for what she does are definitely second to none! I would highly recommend Rebecca for anyone who's looking for a quality personal training experience.

    Rhea Zhang
  • My partner and I have been training with Rebecca for quite a while and we absolutely enjoyed our sessions. I can honestly say it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. Rebecca is very patient, supportive, professional and clearly an expert in her knowledge and skills. It is encouraging meeting with someone in this profession who is sincere and passionate, and not vain and shallow, personal fitness. The guidance from Rebecca was just what I needed. She introduced me to several amazing new ways of exercising which I immediately found challenging yet fun. I was really surprised at how far I’ve come and how much stronger and fitter I am in just a few weeks. I feel Rebecca really cares about every one of her clients. She would make programs tailored to different needs and help people to achieve their goals. Apart from all these, I very much enjoyed talking to Rebecca who is also an amazing artist in personal life. She is knowledgeable, open-minded, and forward-thinking. Training with Rebecca is more than just keeping fit! I would recommend the service to anyone who is looking for ways to challenge and change themselves.

    Shalen Fu
  • I did this course as I wanted to know the proper technique of weight training and the do's and don'ts! I was mostly struggling with diet in terms of ways of consuming more protein. Rebecca really helped me and afterwards I felt so much better and how I could go forward into the future! Highly recommend. Thank you Rebecca

    Sorcha McCay
  • Rebecca is a fantastic personal trainer. She takes the time to get to know what your goals are then helps you to achieve them. I worked with her in the run up to my wedding and she helped me feel great on my special day. You won't regret choosing Rebecca to help you be the best version of yourself you can be.

    Rachel Matthews
  • I trained with Rebecca for 3 months to help work towards a specific goal and I'm really pleased I decided to do so. I'd never worked with a trainer before so was a little apprehensive, however Rebecca is really friendly and fun to work with. She pitched my sessions just right and whilst they were hard work (but doable) I finished each one feeling energised and encouraged. As well as one on one training, Rebecca provides a tailored exercise plan to follow in your own time and guidance on how to improve your nutrition. I feel that I've made big improvements on my goals with her help, and gained a load of body confidence to go with it. I would definitely recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for a bit of help with their fitness.

    Emma Watts
  • I did body sculpt back in March, I'd just started back at the gym and needed something to give me a head start. The change I saw in 6 weeks definitely wouldn't have been achievable by just doing cardio (which I probably would have done on my own). Rebecca is a great trainer and made the sessions fun, incorporating HIT and different routines. Who knew weights could be so much fun?! A potential hazard though, you may become addicted to lifting!

    Bhavika Patel
  • I participated in 2 of Rebecca's Sculpt courses. I was in my final year of my degree and needed to take the faff out of going to the gym. For me it was great to have specific dates and times to commit too, with homework set so I didn't need to think about anything. Rebecca was great at pushing everyone in the group to a level that was appropriate to their ability. The course was great for shredding fat and gaining muscle tone and size in all the right places (#bootygains) if I hadn't moved away from Nottingham I'd still be training with Rebecca! I highly recommend to anyone no matter what their level of fitness.

    Marie Chorley
  • SCULPT is AMAZING!! Rebecca helped me to get into shape for my wedding day and I felt like a million dollars! Thankyou so much for all of the hard training and advice...I’ve also gained a “friend for life”!! Kel (AKA “Badger”) x

    Kelly Smith
  • Rebecca has really helped me to work through my mental block when it came to training and has put me onto a path towards being a much better version of myself. I cant recommend her enough if you are looking for a PT who is going to help you to really make progress in ways you never thought possible! Yes its tough, yes its hard work, yes there will be days where you just want to give up, but i was always helped to push through and never give up. 10/10

    Daniel Entwisle