• Due to the gym closing relating to the pandemic and lockdown, Rebecca quickly adapted to switching the sessions to virtual training so the ongoing Body Sculpting course could continue. The workouts have been quality training with minimal equipment and keeping not only my fitness in check but also my sanity during lockdown. The guidance with Nutrition has assisted in reaching my goals and helped with some ongoing issues I was struggling with. I wish to continue training with Rebecca virtually to keep maintaining my fitness goals for 2020. Thank you for all of your efforts during this crazy time and sorting a new way of coaching so quickly. Your knowledge and advice has been excellent once again.

    Michelle Doroszenko
  • I have been going to the gym for a long while and I have known many personal trainers with many different styles. But since I have experienced Rebecca's Body Sculpting class I have been hooked. Rebecca has a special way of generating a program that makes you work really hard in a way that feels just right. The combination of a powerful understanding of human physiology and her uniquely motivational approach means you are not only given an excellent program but also end up working through it to your full potential. And it feels amazing! And recently this has been the case despite several hurdles, including a pandemic outbreak, a need to quickly and efficiently adjust training to a variety of available equipment and small video screens for virtual coaching. How she does it I don't know, but I will make use of it for as long as I can!! Thank you Rebecca, for always making me work hard in all of our sessions and really bringing out the best in me.

    Kim Chisholm
  • I have already booked into my second Body Sculpting course. Rebecca teaches you how lift weights safely, with lots of advice on diet and exercise routines. I easily lost 7 cms from belly and feel stronger. It was great to be with a small team of people all working together. I was amazed how much more I was able to lift in only a few sessions.

    Kate Leask
  • I've been training alone for years and noticed my belly getting bigger so decided to try something different. I found Body Sculpting and thought why not I might lose a couple pounds. Thee results I got from her are amazing and I'm overly happy with her and the results. Highly recommend her and her course. i lost 5.5kg and 13cms. It's hard work but not too intense. Cannot recommend her enough!

    Cameron Fearon
  • 11cm lost from my waist in 6 weeks, feeling stronger and fitter as a result of this great course! Can't wait for the next course. Highly recommend to anyone ready to tone up and lose weight Just a little update on my progress! 13th Feb 2020 - Just finished, what was my 3rd Body Sculpting course, and in total I've lost 20cm all over since starting. I'm super chuffed with the results so far as although Rebecca works hard to keep me motivated, I haven't religiously followed all the food adaptions/recipes as I'm a sucker for chocolate but, I've made some really good lifestyle changes over this period of time like drinking more water and making better food choices on the whole, which has helped me continuously see improvements course after course. Each week, twice a week, Rebecca takes time to really help us weight train in the right way and gives us the techniques and routine to then be able to do a 3rd workout later that week. There is such a great community, that in fact most of the group meets again, to do the third workout together. I find this is so motivating and it gets me working much harder than I would if I was on my own doing the 3rd workout!

    Lousie Spicknell
  • I recently completed Body Sculpting 16.... and before I completed that course booked onto Body Sculpting 17! I joined this course as I needed some guidance on how to lift weights correctly and the amount to lift too. With Rebecca I got a lot more than that. I've changed my eating habits, and am a lot more confident in the gym than I was before. I quickly saw changes to my body and my skin was glowing! Even though I missed a whole week, and binged on pizza now and then, Rebecca gave some valuable advice on the food side of things, and never let's me quit in sessions when I want to give up! Training within a group is also a great motivation and encouraging. The weekly homework and goals is a massive help to keep me on track throughout the week, when not in sessions. If you need some help and guidance on your fitness journey, definitely book on a Body Sculpting course!

    Kirren Ajula
  • I’ve been training with Rebecca for almost 2 & 1/2 years now and I have tried a variation of the kind of training she offers. From 121 to online coaching and even completing almost six of the 6 week Body Sculpting courses… I find her thorough and highly informative. Both incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate, I couldn’t see myself train with anyone other than Rebecca. She’s been a pillar of support both with physical and mental health and is approachable in every aspect. Not only have I seen physical progress, but my self love and adherence to fitness has evolved greatly and for that I am highly appreciative. I couldn’t recommend enough! Here’s to another year of training with one of the best in the industry.

    Rabbi Ali
  • Rebecca has been an incredible source of inspiration to me. Both in terms of stamina and technique. I have been going to the gym for years but just a few days with Rebecca in her Body Sculpting course and my appreciation for exercise and technique has completely changed. She manages to maintain a really fun atmosphere while we all sweat to our limits! Needless to say I have signed up for another Body Sculpting course asap!

    Kim Chisholm
  • Rebecca is a superlative PT totally at the top for supportive, knowledgeable & encouraging training that supports goals for physical mental & nutritional transformation. Feel huge gratitude to have attended her courses and to train 1-2-1 with her and with her help am achieving goals I never thought were possible, getting stronger as I get older & more confident in building new sustainable life affirming habits. Thank you

    Jo Norcup
  • I joined the Body Sculpting course as I was struggling to find a trainer who could get me the results I wanted, 6 weeks on and I have a totally new way of eating; I've lost over 1kg in weight and my waist is down 6cm, needless to say I have booked myself onto the next Body Sculpting course and have also started 121 coaching with Rebecca. I have no doubt Rebecca is the trainer to get me to my goal and help me reach the best version of myself.

    Harprit Sehgal Parkes - Smith
  • Rebecca is great personal trainer. As a result of the Body Sculpting course I have gained more knowledge about fitness and nutrition.

    Ousama Alamin
  • I decided to kick start my health goals in 2020 by joining the Body Sculpting course. Rebecca has been a great inspiration to train with and her knowledge is so thorough when it comes to exercise and nutrition. My technique with movement has improved loads. An added bonus was making friends through the training. In total I lost 12cm during the course and toned up which was my goal. I have decided to sign up a second time round on the Body Sculpting course with Rebecca to keep my fitness/nutrition goals in check.

    Michelle Doroszenko
  • I have just finished a 6 week Body Sculpting course with Rebecca, and I would highly recommend the course to anyone! It’s a great way to get into a routine, learn new things, get fitter/leaner and be coached by a brilliant PT! Rebecca is completely dedicated, helpful and motivating! I enjoyed it so much, and I was so happy with the results that I’m doing the course again! Don’t hesitate to start your fitness journey with Rebecca @ Sculpt!

    Annalee Thomas
  • I was in the last body sculpting course, enjoyed the 6 weeks of training where I learnt how to lift weights and new workouts, very happy with the final results and with the confidence I got doing the exercises. Rebecca is very professional and skilled, she coaches with passion. I recommend to everyone.

    Gianluca Maffeis
  • I came to Rebecca in my off season of baseball with view to strengthen my legs,I joined her body SCULPT. I found her to be incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and motivating. In addition she came and did some coaching for our baseball team "Long Eaton Storm" she handled us with care, she adapted exercises and we hope to have her back in the off season. I saw a huge improvement in my game this year and I put it down to body SCULPT, I will definitely be signing up again in the off season.

    Mike Hayward
  • Before I took part in Body Sculpt 15, I was struggling with getting back in the swing of things at the gym after a knee injury I sustained last year. After Body Sculpt 15, I feel so much more confident, lost some pounds and inches, and most importantly my knee feels so much stronger! Rebecca is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, and will adjust the exercises if you have any injuries. I've no hesitation in recommending Rebecca!

    Tara-Jane Bloomfield-Gerdes
  • I have been very impressed, and grateful for the work I’ve been doing with Rebecca over a number of months. Whilst having to manage some long term injuries I am amazed at how much I can still do in the gym under Rebecca’s guidance. And I’m enjoying it! Fully recommend both the PT and Body Sculpting for anyone looking to get back into the gym!

    Ian Peters
  • I cannot recommend Rebecca enough. As someone who was always sceptical of the effectiveness of classes and was pretty scared of what would be expected during them, Rebecca put me at ease and made sure that I was always pushing myself without getting to the point of breaking. My strength and fitness has improved immensely and I feel empowered to continue with the skills she has taught me. Don't wait around to decide if you want to try Sculpt, just do it. Your future self will thank you!

    Rachel West
  • I did body sculpt back in March, I'd just started back at the gym and needed something to give me a head start. The change I saw in 6 weeks definitely wouldn't have been achievable by just doing cardio (which I probably would have done on my own). Rebecca is a great trainer and made the sessions fun, incorporating HIT and different routines. Who knew weights could be so much fun?! A potential hazard though, you may become addicted to lifting!

    Bhavika Patel
  • Last summer the first body sculpting course started and I was going to be away for some for it so didn't join, but my partner did. He told me how tough it was and i began to doubt if I could do it. On a whim, I joined the 3rd round of body sculpting and was really surprised at how accessible it was. It hasn't been easy by any means, but having completed 3 weeks so far, I can already feel a huge difference, in my strength and confidence! Rebecca knows how to push you without pushing you too far. I would highly recommend training with her!

    Lucy Kemp