Intermediate Lifting Workshop


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A series of two hour workshops. Each workshop focuses on coaching a fundamental lift, the appropriate warm up and mobility drills and the accessory work required to support the main lift.

The workshops are suitable for those that already weight train and are looking to improve technique. The workshop will take place on the gym floor and is participatory

The workshops take place on Saturdays from 11am – 1pm at Pure Gym in Beeston – a gym membership is not required.

  • I attended my first, but not my last, lifting workshop with Sculpt last week. The workout was based around achieving a Chin Up and took us, a small group , through the basics .. how to progress and what accessory exercises which would help us achieve our goals. The workshop was tailored so it met the needs of everyone despite their current ability level. Rebecca was a knowledgeable and inspirational trainer .. i'm already looking forward to the next workshop!

    Helen Inskip
  • With the wealth of information online telling you how to lift weights, it can be very difficult to know where to begin and what is actually going to give you the results you want. Rebecca's weight-lifting workshops have been an invaluable tool for me and have allowed me to feel more confident in my lifts. After the sessions, I find myself correcting my lifts as I go along reminding myself of the tips Rebecca gives in her workshops. They are conducted with groups of no more than 6 which means you get the chance to ask questions and demo each warm up exercise and the lifts themselves. You also go away with an info sheet to remind you of the exercises covered. The sessions are affordable and highly informative, perfect for anyone who already works out but wants to train smarter

    Rachel Matthews
  • I absolutely love training with Rebecca as her knowledge and expertise is thorough and holistic in meeting clients needs and ambitions in practical and progressive ways. Rebecca sets clear achievable goals that are attentive to the individual lives of her clients and her ability to motivate and build self confidence is truly inspiring. I have been transformed through her PT in ways previous trainers were unable to sustain because she is an excellent listener and creates bespoke training and advice for the particularities of the individual. She guides when advice is needed on nutrition, food planning and general fitness and I cannot praise her professionalism highly enough. I was thrilled to get a place on Rebecca's much sought after weight-training / intermediate lifting course which focused on chin-ups (one of my personal goals) and it was accessible and thorough and attentive to my own abilities. Rebecca showed different ways to adapt warm ups and how to use the rig, and discussed stages of progress in clear, practical and achievable ways. I came away from the workshop with renewed commitment to my fitness goals and to my fitness regime more generally and am looking forward to attending the next. Thank you.

    Jo Norcup
  • Rebecca has brought back all the motivation I lost while I was working and studying full time. She has taught me many things and helped me to get rid of my bad habits and get me on the right path. It was not easy to online coach me I know however we still managed it :D. I can’t recommend and thank her enough. She is a real sweetheart <3

    Eva Šróbová

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All 6 Workshops, 11th January – Front Squat, 7th March – Back Squat, 2nd May – Conventional and Sumo Deadlift, 20th June – Romanian and Hip Thrust, 5th September – Press – Bench and Overhead, 7th November – Pull up and Chin up